Services, ILST.HU - International LED & Solar Technologies


We offer the following services:

  1. developing and manufacturing products of illuminating engineering

  2. developing and manufacturing outdoor area and public solar LED lighting

  3. designing and manufacturing superstructures of street lamps by special request with an eye to function and aesthetics

  4. designing and installing solar power systems with stand-alone or grid tie configuration as well as supporting the administration process with the utility network

  5. systems design, electrical design, and mechanical engineering design

  6. product innovation, research and development involving colleges, universities (e. g. plant lighting)

  7. engineering assessment and evaluation, feasibility study, computer-aided architectural design (CAAD), as-built drawing

  8. rendered (3D) video presentation about future projects

  9. full support during the tender procedure including documentation and the tender writing


Outdoor area and public solar lighting

Solar-powered outdoor LED lighting products developed and manufactured by ILST-Hungary Kft. are not connected to the electrical grid network. They derive energy from radiation of the sun and store it in their batteries.

All of our products fulfil the requirements of the European Union's light and lighting standards and regulations. Their design is in accordance with MSZ EN (No. 13201) standard therefore they meet the standard's calculation of performance requirements.

UNK-MONO-8W, UNK-MONO-16W product line:

We develop, design, and manufacture these solar lamp products for many different applications such as outdoor area and street solar lighting, cycle path solar lighting, solar lighting of parking lots, and playground solar lighting. Special request of the customer is always welcomed regarding size and appearance of the solar lamp.

Outdoor solar lighting is ideal solution for bus stops located in remote areas where the connection to the utility's network is not available or not practical due to huge installation costs.

NSV-MONO-8WK-2012 product line:

Solar flashing beacons are easy to install, reliable and cost-effective form of warning signs. It can be used at pedestrian crossings, cycle path crossings, and for roadway warnings.

KNT-MONO-2K4WK-2012 product line:

Outdoor solar lighting developed for cemeteries, graveyards, and pathways around churches.

SZNS-MONO-8WD1-2012 product line:

"Promenade" solar lighting developed for Margaret Island in Budapest. It has been installed around the fountain square and at the rose garden. Designed for area lighting of squares and parks.

NKO-MONO-D1-2013 product line:

Solar-powered clock for parks and city squares.

LED lighting products

Engineers of ILST develop LED lighting products to fit the need of our individual and corporate clients as well. We aim to offer viable alternative to traditional lighting devices such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. LED lamps have the benefit of better lifespan and electrical efficiency.

Due to our innovative approach in product development, high quality raw materials, and our own ILST-LED Driver with a guaranteed min. 94% efficiency LED lamps of ILST perform extremely well. This sentiment is reassured constantly by positive feedbacks of our satisfied customers.

We develop, design, and produce LED lamps by special request too regarding function and colour temperature.

Indoor LED lighting:

Our indoor LED lighting products with the standard light bulb connections and shapes such as E27, E14, GU10, MR16, G23, G24.

Outdoor LED lighting:

We offer LED flood lights especially for monuments, landscapes, and exterior building lightings.

Industrial hall LED lighting:

Hight power LED lighting of industrial halls.

Street (public) LED lighting:

Grid tie street (public) LED lighting with low energiy consumption and long lifetime.

LED tubes:

ILST was the first company in Hungary to produce LED tube lamps to substitute traditional fluorescent tubes in lengths of 60, 120 and 150 cm.

Solar power systems

Photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems convert sunlight into electricity using the photoelectric effect.

ILST-Hungary Kft. builds PV solar systems with two main configurations:

Stand-alone systems operate off grid and able to store the electricity in their batteries.

Grid tie systems are connected to the utility's network. Instead of charging the batteries they feed back unused electricity into the grid. Furthermore they can rely on the utility's network if there is more need than the produced electricity via the solar system.

We develop, design, and install solar power systems as well as supporting the administration process with the utility network (interconnection agreement in case of grid tie configuration).

Tenders are usually available for individuals and local government as well providing them financial support to build a solar power system through government and EU funds. Our company gives its customers full support during the tender procedure including documentation and the tender writing.